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The Camp Hispaniola Story

The Inspiration

Growing up in Haiti, Marc-Yves Regis never had the opportunity to attend summer camp. He knows how boring it is for children to spend summer vacation hanging around with nothing to do.

The Beginning

After reminiscing on his childhood memories one day in 2009, Marc came up with the idea to offer summer camps for children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This was a big endeavor because he stepped out of his comfort zone to do something that he had never thought possible:  create a non-profit organization and establish Camp Hispaniola, a place where children forget their misery and develop spiritually, mentally, socially and spiritually.

The Growth

Since the beginning, the camp has grown and so has the need. More than 450 campers attend and each receives a bag filled with personal care items and a t-shirt. They are also served two hot meals a day and participate in recreational, educational, spiritual and cultural programs. All for about $25 per child per week!

Camp Hispaniola also sponsors an Academic Scholarship Program which helps to give campers and counselors access to education during the school year.

The Generations

Today, 80% of our camp counselors are Camp Hispaniola alumni. These young adults earn real money, take on responsibilities and hopefully will have opportunities to move up in society in the future.