December 31, 2016 
By Marc-Yves Regis I,  Founder & Volunteer director

This past summer, I hosted annual summer camps in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic. I joined the children in their playful activities and immersed myself in the fun. For the past seven years the children have enjoyed playing like children, and filling their empty bellies with good food.

Camp Hispaniola was successful this year in both countries. The children participated in various activities such as football, sack racing, dance, arts & crafts, jump rope and singing. The children were appreciative of the support that came through grants as well as from individuals and churches.

St. Ann's Episcopal Church in Old Lyme helped make this year's camp extra fun by donating a Fujifilm Polaroid camera that I used to take pictures of the campers and give them away as souvenirs. The camera and pictures were a big hit at both camps!

Each year, the camp makes a huge impact on young children and provides a much needed social outlet for poor and needy children. If it were not for Camp Hispaniola, these children would sit at home all summer doing nothing.

These children have that one experience and for many, the opportunity to return the next year. Just imagine the joy of anticipation these children have about coming back to camp. The young adults who become counselors also earn "real money" and responsibility and hopefully will have opportunities in the future to move up in society.

​Some of the children were so overcome with emotion that they sang the praises of the camp and didn’t want it to end.

  • “When I am at camp I feel very happy.” Rose, 11
  • “The camp helped me have fun and make new friends.” Liliana, 12
  • “Besides the good food, I have a lot of fun.” Youseline, 12
  • “I wish the camp would never end.” Jean, 10
  •  “In 2010, I was a camper; six years I am in charge of the camp. This is cause for me to celebrate.” Fatima, 16
Camp Hispaniola

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